The CORBA implementation for C++11

TAOX11 is the CORBA implementation supporting the IDL to C++11 language mapping. TAOX11 has excellent interoperability with other CORBA implementations like TAO, JacORB, and R2CORBA.

TAOX11 provides the following set of features:

  • RIDL IDL Parser-Generator

  • BRIX11 Scaffolding tool

  • CORBA v3.3 support

  • IDL to C++11 v1.5 support

  • Support for local and remote interfaces

  • Starter code generation for clients, servers, and servants

TAOX11 has been tested on different Linux versions and architectures, multiple Windows versions, and Android with the following C++11 capable compilers:

  • GNU C++ compiler

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019

  • Clang C++ compiler

Currently, the following platforms are actively supported:

  • RHEL 8.0 x86-64 with GCC 8.2.1