Open Standards

TAOX11 is a state of the art CORBA implementation which supports the IDL to C++11 language mapping.


TAOX11 has excellent interoperability with existing CORBA based applications.

TAOX11 provides an open standards based CORBA implementation which delivers a flexible and adaptable architecture for your systems. The usage of 100% open standards guarantees full integration options with other standards compliant systems.

TAOX11 provides multiple transports in order to configure the ORB to your specific needs.


TAOX11 provides a portable framework to develop your CORBA based applications. In addition to the C++11 standard support TAOX11 provides the operating system abstraction library ACE which provides additional features for guaranteeing portability of your application code.

TAOX11 supports implementations using C++11. However, as all interfaces between your applications are defined in IDL all possibilities are kept open for integration of applications implemented using any number of IDL language mappings like C++, Java, C#, Ada, Python, Ruby etc.