TAOX11 available as open source

Remedy IT, a provider of Interoperable Open Architecture for IIOT and distributed, real-time and embedded systems, today announced the release of AXCIOMA and TAOX11 as open source products.

AXCIOMA and TAOX11 are both released under the widely used MIT license. The MIT license has no restrictions on commercial and for-profit use. The release of AXCIOMA and TAOX11 to open source enables the growing user base to include these products without restrictions in their applications. Open source brings both the potential benefits from a community driven project with regard to shared knowledge and experiences as well as providing a cost-effective option in comparison to proprietary alternatives.

AXCIOMA provides an open standards based component framework for distributed, real-time and embedded systems which delivers a flexible and adaptable architecture for systems development and deployment. AXCIOMA supports the design, development, and deployment of a distributed Component Based Architecture (CBA). AXCIOMA integrates several Object Management Group (OMG) open standards such as LwCCM, DDS, DDS4CCM, AMI4CCM, CORBA, IDL, D&C, and IDL to C++11. Using open standards provides users with excellent interoperability. It’s highly modular architecture with clean separation of concerns makes AXCIOMA ideally adaptable for the growing or changing requirements of any system.

TAOX11 is a modern, state of the art CORBA implementation which supports the IDL to C++11 language mapping. Through the support of modern C++ language constructs TAOX11 provides a much safer and more productive development environment for your applications.

The use of standards opens markets and we’re proud that throughout our 30 years, our standards remain influential in driving product development. CORBA is a 28-year old standard that remains a stalwart of programming today, used more often than McDonald’s hamburgers are sold. Newer standards like DDS continue to drive innovation and we’re happy to see its use across so many industries.

— Dr. Richard Soley
OMG Chairman and CEO

We are pleased to see a fast growing trend to use open standards based communication middleware and component frameworks. Migrating AXCIOMA and TAOX11 to open source enables us to promote the advantages of open standards based solutions to our growing customer base more easily.

— Johnny Willemsen
CTO Remedy IT

The release of AXCIOMA and TAOX11 as open source products has been sponsored by Northrop Grumman.

Remedy IT will provide commercial support services for AXCIOMA and TAOX11. Interested in our services for AXCIOMA or TAOX11, contact sales@remedy.nl to learn how Remedy IT can support your company.